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Orthotics & Podiatry

Orthotic therapy is a process whereby a patient is assessed for any biomechanical variations which may be contributing to their current problems. It is also used to prevent certain biomechanical faults arising from genetic conditions that  that can lead to symptoms later on in life.They are custom made for you from a plaster cast impression whilst the foot is held in a neutral position & captures your unique foot shape & your specific faults.This is then sent to an orthotic lab with a script. The end result is a prescription orthotic which corrects the foot & places the foot, leg & pelvis in a more stable position.
General Treatment
This includes the treatment of warts,
corns, ingrown toenails, callus,
fungal infections, cracked heels and
minor infections as well as advice on a range of foot and shoe problems.




Illustration of orthotics for heel pain in North Sydney
Instant Pain Relief
Acupunture for Podiatrists
is used to assist in treatment
of many foot ailments where
pain is present.
Dry needling Acupunture is a technique used to resolve muscular trigger points effectively and relieve pain and symptoms.


A Needle here for Joint Pain
Nail Surgery
This is a minor procedure used for
treating ingrown toenails which do not
respond to conservative treatment.
It is performed under Local Anaesthetic in our rooms and invloves permanant removal of one or both edges of a nail, predominantly the big toenails, using a Phenol solution to sterilse the root so that the portion of damaged nail does not regrow. This leaves the nail with a straight, problem free edge. There is usually minimal or no post operative pain and heals within 2-3 weeks.




Permanent Pain Relief of Ingrown Nail
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