Diabetic Podiatrist in Sydney


Diabetes may appear to be an internal problem but its effects can be felt throughout your body, all the way down to your toes. In fact, your feet can be the focal point of major diabetic complications should this part of your body not be regularly attended to. This is why it's important to visit our specialist diabetic podiatrist here at North Sydney Podiatry often for diabetic foot care.


Careful, Professional Care


People with diabetes need to work with a qualified diabetic podiatrist to stay healthy. Diabetics often have poorly controlled blood glucose levels (BGL). Over time, these high glucose levels cause problems throughout the body, and two of those problems affect feet specifically.

The first is diabetic neuropathy. If diabetes damages the nerves, you may lose sensation in your feet—you won’t be able to tell if your feet are too hot or too cold. More worryingly, you may not notice if your feet get injured, which allows the injury to get worse while it’s untreated and may lead to amputations.

You may also be unable to use the muscles in your feet, which may cause you to put too much weight on the wrong parts of your feet. Over time, this extra pressure can cause damage.

The second problem is peripheral vascular disease. High glucose levels over time can damage your circulatory system, which means that extremities like your feet may not get all the blood flow they need. Without proper circulation, your feet won’t be able to heal as well from minor bumps and bruises or even infections.

If you have diabetes, you need a competent diabetic podiatrist to keep an eye on your condition and treat problems as they arise. Trust North Sydney Podiatry.


Effectual Treatments


If you do experience foot problems related to diabetes, then our staff can help. We offer a range of services such as general treatments, orthotics, acupuncture and nail surgery. Our treatments can help prevent diabetic foot problems from occurring, or they can repair already present damage.


We have experience in administering effective diabetic foot care and we strive to keep you healthy and active. Your feet are an essential part of your diabetic health, so they should be treated properly. Visit North Sydney Podiatry for diabetic foot care services. If you have any questions about our foot treatments for diabetes or related services, please call us on (02) 9954 3445 or fill out our contact form.


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